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It wasn’t until much, much later that I discovered much, much more about wheat germ. First, according to Carlton Fredericks, wheat germ has a protein value of high quality and of percentage exceeding that of meat. Cool haircut for men with thick hair Check it out on my chart if you’re a doubter; just remember to keep the weights equal. So wheat germ is valuable protein and therefore good for your hair health.

But wheat germ is also chock full of vitamin E, and vitamin E, as you will soon find out, is a must-have for beautiful hair. Cool haircut for men with thick hair The little germ doesn’t stop there: It’s also a powerhouse of B vitamins the Beautiful B-complex crowd and the only part of the wheat grain to contain vitamin A. This germ is one germ you’ll want your hair to encounter; and, besides all those vital-for-hair vitamins, wheat germ contains the fatty acids that are essential to keeping your hair glowing and glossy.

Personally, I am a wheat germ freak, so it’s easy for me to take. I love it, especially as a morning meal cereal with cream poured over it. To me, it makes commercial cereals taste like so much wet cardboard. I’ll grant you that, when I started my wheat germ love affair, I eased in on the honey-covered kind.

(That was long before I discovered I could never have sweets again.) I went on to toasted, plain wheat germ, and now I have graduated to the raw, for, although toasted wheat germ is still wheat germ and therefore still great for you and your hair, the heat required to toast it removes some of the vitamin content particularly the vitamin E. Since E is Essential to lovely hair, I don’t want to lose a bit.

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