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Impressive debut from 19year old singer- songwriter, Conor Coughlan

GIVE IT UP is the debut release from incredibly talented up-and-comer, Conor Coughlan. Released through Homewood Music Collective, these 11 original acoustic tracks are an exciting introduction to a new singer songwriter to keep a very close eye on!

Born in Essex, before moving to Saskatoon in Canada, Conor was raised on his father’s musical favourites – Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen – starting to play guitar and write original songs at only nine years old and forming his first band at 14. This early musical absorption and encouragement, combined with Conor’s youth, charisma and confidence, has resulted in an album that has a timeless, melodic flavour that is incredibly catchy and moorish. Mature but simple lyrics are sung in Conor’s gorgeous warbling voice, with a sensitive but bold performance style (reminiscent of another up-and-comer, Luke Jackson) full of emotion and sincerity.

GIVE IT UP was recorded in the Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, where the studio manager Jeffrey Wood was so impressed by Conor’s music that he made the decision to produce the album himself. Most of the tracks take the form of stripped back Americana sometimes veers into the realms of folk. Organ, harmonica and guitar add some great, rockier sounds and nuances. You can expect sincere love songs (Irish Serenade, Fifth Avenue, Will You Be Mine), darker and heavier tunes (Fisherman’s Line, Dannemora) and softer, slower tracks made even more bittersweet thanks to Coughlan’s earnest vocals (Give It Up, Under The Sun). A rare feat has been achieved here: An assured, unique sound that holds together a collection of songs, all memorable and entrancing in their own right. I’m already excited to see what he does next. Charlotte Taylor

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