Coloured eyeshadow is no longer the domain of one’s grandmother. Dip in and have fun, but remember careful editing is key to carrying this look off with style.

1 Prepare eyelids as always.

2 Dab plenty of loose powder underneath the eyes, to catch any falling colour pigments.

3 Take a coloured eye pencil and line the inner rim (top and bottom) of the eye.

4 Next take a liquid metallic eyeshadow two shades lighter than the pencil, and wash itoverthe eyelid and underneath the lower lashes with an eyebrow brush, making sure it is well blended and fades out towards the outer edges.

5 Use gold (to complement warm colour shadow) or silver (to complement cool colour shadow) liquid shadow. Apply to the centre of the upper eyelid, blending well at the edges so there is no obvious demarcation where the metallic meets the principal colour on the eyelid.

6 Curl your lashes, then apply mascara – black will give a contrasting look, while coloured mascara means a softerfinish.

7 Sweep away any rogue colour with a large powder brush.

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