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The Egg It Goes Inside

Do not supplement the wheat germ oil you take in this drink with wheat germ oil capsules during the day. Once you notice changes in your hair, you may cut down on the daily intake of the hair cocktail and take it only twice a week. Classic hairstyles for men Of course, since it is a healthful drink, you may prefer to continue taking it daily indefinitely.

So there’s Mr. Alexander’s hair recipe. Of course, I can’t imagine cutting down one’s intake of either eggs or wheat germ (I’ll get to that shortly) to twice a week. I believe in getting it inside of you at least once a day, even if I am chicken and take my eggs cooked!

One raw egg believer I know suggests combining that egg with skimmed milk, a high-protein supplement and, if you insist, a sweetener. If you must sweeten, then I suggest carob powder, which is a wonderful, naturally chocolate-flavored substance that comes from St. John’s bread (breadfruit).

It can’t do your skin and hair all the harm that chocolate can and it will satisfy your sweet tooth all the way. If your diet allows sweeteners of any kind you’ve by now checked on your blood sugar then you could use a touch (and that’s all it will take) of blackstrap molasses, that wonderful wonder food that’s filled with iron and B vitamins.

Classic hairstyles for men Of all the sweeteners, blackstrap is probably the most good-things laden of the lot. As for sugar I’ve already told you the harm it can do to your looks.

That goes ditto for your hair. Throw this concoction into your electric blender and you’ve got your own brand of instant breakfast. If you don’t have to worry about weight (lucky you), you can have it with your breakfast. Or double the dose if gaining weight is what you’re after. Your whole body is bound to benefit.

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