Christine and Frank THEIR IDEA OF HEAVEN

Sources say the wedding will be an intimate affair with just close friends and family present, while Christine has previously told My blog! that she planned to leave all the arrangements to her groom.

It will be Frank who plans the wedding more than me, 100 per cent, she said. You know that show Don’t Tell the Bride on BBC3, when the groom goes off and does everything and the bride just turns up? That’s my idea of heaven. Maybe ours won’t happen to that extent, but Frank’s very excited about it. I’ll leave absolutely everything up to him.

She added that her fiance would like her to change her surname after marriage, saying: He’s traditional, let’s put it that way.

Like most brides, Christine has kept details of her dress under wraps, but she is known to be a fan of Suzanne Neville, who is renowned for her celebrity bridal creations. Christine described the designer as the best on Twitter after wearing one of her dresses when Frank received his OBE in October.

It’s thought the couple will postpone their honeymoon to spend Christmas in London.

My whole family is coming over and the house will be full, Christine said recently. It’s a very precious time when


Four and a half years after becoming engaged during a holiday , in Los Angeles, Christine and Frank will make it official on Sunday, tying 65 the knot near their home in London.

The wedding will be an intimate affair, says a source

We clicked instantly. We spoke on the phone – one night, we talked for six hours Christine

Though Frank now plays for US team New York City FC (bottom right), former England teammates are expected to attend his wedding reception, including (above, from left) John Terry (with his wife Toni), Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole we’re all able to be together. I’m quite traditional. I was brought up with us all sat around the dinner table. We do it properly, with serviettes and candles. We never leave the house on Christmas Day. I just adore it.

Last week the bride-to-be was cheering on her fiance in Puerto Rico as he played a friendly against the national side for his current team, New York City FC. Since Frank signed for the club earlier this year, the couple have split their time between their townhouse in London’s Chelsea and an apartment in Manhattan.

Christine, who will be joining ITV’s Text Santa appeal this week, has also been working in her native Northern Ireland, presenting the travel show Wild Ireland on Ulster TV


Frank, 37, and Christine, 36, met in 2009 at the annual Pride of Britain Awards in London.

We clicked instantly, but then I didn’t see him again for weeks, said Christine earlier this year. He was away in Ukraine, playing for England. We spoke on the phone – one night, we talked for six hours. It was an old-fashioned courtship, although we didn’t plan it that way. By the time we met again we knew everything about each other’s families. It was a nice start. Unexpected, but lovely.

Two years later, Frank proposed while on holiday in Los Angeles, presenting Christine with an emerald-cut diamond ring over a beachside lunch. He had asked her parents’ permission beforehand and arranged for a friend to fly out with the ring so that she wouldn’t find it. Christine later said the proposal had her in tears.

I was beyond shocked. And it wasn’t very glamorous, it wasn’t very fancy -maybe some people might expect that. It was very personal, very private actually and we were just having a gorgeous lunch by the beach and he simply popped the question. It was completely out of the blue.

Halfway through the lovey-dovey bit, I realised what he was about to do so I started to cry. I started to cry for about ten minutes and then he pulled the ring out and said, Will you marry me?’ And that was it.

But the couple have been in no rush to name the day as Frank’s football 66 No doubt many of Christine’s fellow TV stars will also attend the reception, which will take place at the Arts Club in London’s Mayfair. Among those expected to take their place are her former Dancing on Ice co-host Phillip Schofield and his Good Morning sofa-mate Holly Willoughby (with Christine, above right). Singing sensation Ed Sheeran (above left) is hoping to perform if he can find a window in his schedule Shes my best friend. Shes made me content. Ive been very happy since Ive been with her commitments have made it difficult for them to find a window of opportunity. However, his move to New York City, who play a March to October season, has given them more time.

We do feel very married anyway, Christine has said. I can’t see how marriage changes anything except making it more official.

Frank’s not a Groomzilla but he’s more interested than I thought he would be. The girls [his daughters] are very excited about getting dressed up for it, like any wee girls would be.

Christine has a warm, loving relationship with Luna and Isla, whose mother is Spanish model Elen Rivas.

I didn’t meet them for a year on purpose, she said. I wanted to make sure that the time was right and that we were going to be together forever and that I wasn’t disappearing and Daddy had a new friend. So we were very, very careful.

They know I’m their little mate.

I don’t want to be their mummy, she added.


Christine has spoken of her desire to have children of her own. When co-hosting Daybreak, she once told viewers: For me, having children is the biggest and most important thing I’m ever going to do in my life.

The couple have put the success of their relationship down to having plenty in common.

Frank has a good brain, absolutely -he would have to have for it to work with me, Christine has said. We have the same interests, we like reading. He’s about a year older than me so we did the same things at school and read the same books. Frank has said of Christine: People say opposites attract, but when you live together you need to be harmonious. And she’s my best friend. She’s made me content. That sounds soppy, but I’ve been very happy since I’ve been with her. Our personalities are very similar.

I’ve got a lot of respect for what she says. She’s sharp. I bounce my problems off her and I like to think I help her with her stuff, too.

That seems to include helping to organise a fairytale winter wedding I in the heart of London.

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