Chin length wavy hairstyles

I’m often asked how I got into hair and what it feels like to be a lad from a small mining village in Yorkshire who has ended up as’TV’s favourite hairdresser’. I certainly started small time it’s not quite a rags to riches story but I certainly came from humble beginnings. As they say, from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow!

It all started with my mum taking me to the local salon while she had her weekly’do’. The very smell of the place excited me. I would play with my building bricks in the corner as mum leafed through the latest copy of Woman’s Own under the hood dryer at’He and She’ the local unisex salon in the village.

My mum and grandmother were there every week at the same time, transforming themselves from the working class ladies that they were to the Hollywood starlets that they read and dreamed about. In my eyes my mother looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor all raven glossy locks so the hairdresser didn’t have to work too hard to turn her into a divine vision of beauty.

Each week she left that salon looking fabulous, each week a different’look’depending on whether her hair had been flipped or coiled or teased. I was amazed! Those rollers and sprays, teases and tweaks made my eyes wide with amazement as I stared in disbelief at the wonder of what was being created. I’d stare in the mirror speechless as my own hair was cut, not missing a snip or a flick of the stylist’s wrist or brush.

At home I would spend hours combing every hair on my head into place, only for it to be rained or buffeted by those harsh Yorkshire winds as soon as I left the house, or scuffed up by the school bully. Meanwhile I’d scrutinize the hairstyles of my aunts or my mother’s friends deciding what looked good and what didn’t. At school my artistic side was nurtured by my art teacher, Gwen, who was fresh from teacher training

Who could have imagined that years later I’d be standing on stage in front of 3,000 hairdressers in Beijing cutting the hair of a top mode New Celebrity Hairstyles with paper scissors to achieve a blunt cut bob!

college and full of encouragement for those of us with creative leanings. She was ready to change the world with her enthusiasm. My brother’s hair, my sister’s’Girl’s World'(not to mention her.

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