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Divinatory Meaning

Eight is the number of death and rebirth, or regeneration, so it implies that a change is in the air. When the Eight of Cups appears in a reading, it means that something close to your heart a relationship, a way of life or perhaps even a project that you loved dearly is no longer working. It is clear from the image that a great deal of time and energy has been invested in the relationship, for the cups have been arranged lovingly with care and attention. However, care and energy do not, in themselves, mean that the relationship or project will automatically be successful. Just because you try does not necessarily mean you will succeed.

There comes a time, signified by the appearance of the Eight of Cups, when something has run its course and it is rime to move on. The figure in the image on this card deliberately turns his back on all he has worked for with the implication that he has had no choice but to abandon the old in favour of the yet unknown new. The upright cups are full yet they are no longer relevant, so the figure walks away, leaving the past behind. Although the image has a sombre air, it heralds a necessary new phase of life. A failure to act at this point could lead to stagnation.

Nine of Cups

Element: Water

The open surroundings symbolize that there is nothing to restrict joy at this moment

The couple embrace to suggest their love for each other

The fountains represent an outpouring of emotion

The feast on tbe table is an indication of emotional nourishment and sensual satisfaction

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