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Natasha struggled through an agonising 52-hour labour and traumatic birth, while Natalie says her and baby Wilf’s near-death experience is now a weird distant memory. She needed an emergency Caesarean because her little boy was in distress.

After the birth she developed postpartum preeclampsia and almost suffered a burst bladder because of a condition called diabetes insipidus.

Neither Wilf nor I would be here had it not been for the NHS, she says. But despite everything I’d love to have another one and I’m getting older so I’ll have to crack on… or ask Father Christmas.

She says talking to her girlfriends has helped them all cope with being new mums. It is the most exciting but scary journey and to do it at the same time as friends is amazing. I think it has definitely made us closer. You don’t want to be that woman who talks about babies to friends who

The past ten months have been the best of my Jife. Every time J think of WiJf J feel lifted Going places: Natalie’s boy Wilf is already a high flier, having joined his jet-set mum at Grands Prix around the world -but is he headed for a life in the fast lane?

I think he’s already 31 going to be too tall to be an F1 driver, she says, with a touch of regret its important for EJJa Rose Jo have a working mum 4s a role model

Working mum Charlotte can’t wait to unwrap her first Christmas with her little girl and is grateful for the gift of support from her colleagues at Good Morning Britain, though she says her job can make her emotional. I have to stop myself welling up on live TV when there’s a baby story, she says don’t have them, she says. With Natasha, Charlotte and my other close friend Holly Branson, who has twins just a bit older than Wilf, I can wax lyrical all night. Holly helped me sleep train and we all swap notes. I hope that our kids will be friends for life too.

Charlotte agrees. Going through it at the same time makes a difference, it’s such a comfort, she says. You forget each baby stage after it has happened because you are on to the next one, so it’s good to bounce off each other.

Lady Natasha co-owns ethical fashion label Beulah – a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge with Lavinia Brennan and was back at work just two weeks after Georgia’s birth, thanks to the support and encouragement of her friends, Natalie in particular.

It is a transition having a baby and going back to work and I think Natalie understood that as well, says Natasha. I found it quite difficult at times trying to juggle everything. None of my other friends who had kids went back to work so partly having that support has been amazing.

We moved house closer to each other, too, which is great. The children go to a music class together and get on quite well, although whenever Wilf sees Georgia he starts to cry – I think it’s because she screams in his face. She’s got a bit of a naughty character.

Natalie and Charlotte are both grateful that they have a flexible worklife. Charlotte works three days a week on Good Morning Britain and can spend every afternoon with her daughter. They are so supportive in work that I know I could leave her with the wardrobe department if I was that stuck, she says.

Meanwhile, Natalie hasn’t spent a day away from her son in her role as Sky Sports F1 roving presenter and her little boy has already visited ten Grand Prix tracks around the world.

I think he’s already going to be too tall to be an F1 driver, Natalie says with some regret. He’s met most of the drivers, but the one Wilf is closest to is Daniel Ricciardo. For some reason Wilf laughs every time he sees him.

But, like many working mums, Natalie still has to battle pangs of guilt.

There’s so much pressure to be the perfect mum, the perfect worker… but it is better for him to have relationships with others too and not be clingyjust to me, she says.

Placing her cup of tea down, Charlotte sighs. It annoys me when I hear about the guilt of a working mother. I think it’s important for Ella Rose to have a working mum as a role model. I love my job and I’m fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with her. It is about getting the balance right.

The presenter says she has had the odd scatty moment – which has caused some embarrassment behind the scenes.

The day Piers Morgan started I was getting ready in a hurry and stuffed my Bridget Jones order by 8pm and collect free from 12pm * tomorrow at a store near you.

Its amazing having a baby.

I cant imagine life without her

Christmas and the anniversary of the day he died, she says, her smile dropping for the first time. My mum Gillian is coming up to us for Christmas and we’ll raise a toast to my dad, which will be nice. Emotionally it has been hard, but having Ella Rose has been a wonderful focus.

Natalie will also be hosting Christmas Day, expecting a 20-strong crowd. My husband keeps inviting more and more people when he is drunk. We’ve got an All Black rugby player and his wife coming to our house now and he’s the size of four people. Thankfully my mum will be helping with the cooking.


For Lady Natasha, who recently moved house, Christmas will be a trip back to the family home in Gloucestershire to see her parents, then over to visit her husband Rupert Finch’s family in Norfolk.

Georgia is obsessed with dogs. Every time we see one in the park she shouts at them, but I think I’d be finished if I had to look after one of those too, so she won’t be getting one for Christmas. We’ve got her a ball pond instead and a little Christmas stocking.

And what will Santa bring their mummies? As Wilf rubs his tired eyes and looks up at his mum Natalie, she says: It’s not about us any more. We’ve had enough years of being selfish. Without sounding cheesy, now I’ve had Wilf I get now what life and family at I H Christmas is all about.

Lady Natasha, who returned to work two weeks after giving birth to Georgia, lives near her fellow new mums, meaning their three tiny tots will be able to enjoy lots more play dates together

Spanx pants in my back pocket on the way out. When I got to work Susanna Reid and I were saying how we all take it in turns to make tea. As I turned to show him the tea room, Susanna said, Charlotte are your knickers hanging out of your back pocket?’ Piers laughed and said, Well I was trying to avert my gaze.’ It was so embarrassing but I just care so less about silly things any more.

As the trio chat about their last-minute festive preparations, Charlotte says this first Christmas with her baby will be bittersweet, having lost her father Frank to motor neurone disease just weeks before his granddaughter was born.

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