Conjure the illusion of a narrower jaw line by extending your eyebrows outwards, towards your hairline.

Draw attention away from ‘life jacket’ lips by playing up your eyes.

To create the illusion of a narrower nose, use a matt bronzer as a shader down the outside edges of the nose. Then use a shimmery ivory powder as a highlighter down the bridge of the nose. Only do this at night-time, as broad daylight will give the game away.

A While most fashions go out as quickly as they come ‘Colour suitability and selection in, the trend for oversized kissers just keeps getting are as personal as diet:just as bigger. With the likes of Liz Hurley, Esther Candidas, Julia we choose what nutrition we Roberts and Angelina Jolie as modern-day beauty icons, ingest, we ultimately choose it is not surprising that in the past few years every girl what make-up will express worth her BeneFit Lip Plump has contemplated having about our inner selues, in its collagen injections. application and styling method

In an area where technology knows no bounds, lip David Horne, make-up artist moisturizers, plumpers, anti-run agents and sun protection factors are all standard features of today’s products. Once nothing more than a stick of wax and pigment (which stuck to your coffee cup oryour boyfriend’s shirt collar), lipstick is no longer simply about colour. Like so many other make-up products, the modern lipstick is multitextured and multifunctional. And as your mouth is the most titillating area of your face, looking after it is paramount to y keeping you attractive. upon our external canuas.’

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