Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles 2015

Mariah Carey/Vera Wang

No celebrity has come close to matching pop singer Mariah Carey’s princess-bride look which, of course, emulated Princess Di’s when she wed Sony Music president Tommy Mottola. “Mariah was set on having a royal, romantic, fantasy wedding,” says designer Vera Wang. That meant yards and yards of Duchesse satin for her 27-foot train. Wang’s top-of-the-line gowns are in the $23,000 ballpark.

Natasha Richardson/Donna Karan When Natasha Richardson married Liam Neeson at their Millbrook, New York, farmhouse last July 3, her friend Donna Karan designed the dress. What did it look like? Only the 70 guests will ever know. No wedding photos were released to the press. “Richardson was reportedly offered a fortune for pictures of the dress but wouldn’t take it,” says Donna Karan vice president Patti Cohen. Confidential to celebs thinking of dialing up Karan: “Donna has done only three wedding dresses: two for people who have worked here and one for Natasha. With 11 collections a year, she just doesn’t have the time.”

Holly Hunter/Vera Wang

When Oscar-winner Holly Hunter marries Oscar-winner Janusz Kaminsky (the cinematographer for Schindler’s List) later this year, she will wear a gown custom-designed by Vera Wang. “She’s going sexy/romantic,” says Wang. Good things happen to Hunter when she’s dressed by Wang; the night she won best actress in her sheer illusion midriff gown was the night she met her husband-to-be. Chynna Phillips/Vera Wang How’s this for a proposal? Billy Baldwin and Vera Wang took Chynna Phillips by surprise, inviting her to a suite in New York City’s Carlyle Hotel bedecked with roses and 50 of Wang’s couture bridal gowns hanging from every rafter. How did it go over? “I’m working on her wedding dress right now,” replies Wang.

When the wedding doesn’t happen…

Richard Tyler still has the dress he made for Julia Roberts’s wedding to Kiefer Sutherland (paid for but never picked up).

Reported by Malissa Thompson Our position, word by word.

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