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Plement (developed by the famous integrative-medicine doctor) is a natural ingestible liquid that soothes insomniacs into restful slumber with chamomile, lavender, and melatonin.

Another reason to consider a high-powered evening regimen: According to a study conducted in Tochigi, Japan, last year, wrinkles (which are affected by facial movement) deepen as the day carries on making fighting them at night all the more urgent. Chanel’s new Micro Solutions Wrinkle-Filler Program confronts the issue by attempting to literally iron out existing lines before bed. The two-step process, which aims to plump up deep expression lines much like an injectible filler, starts with a translucent gel made up of soy micro-proteins (for long-term collagen production) and a trio of polymers (similar to liquid Band-Aids) dispensed in a portable wand. Once the gel is applied, a handheld plastic contraption with two tiny interlocking rubber wheels is rolled over the recessed skin, flattening out the groove.

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As the gel dries, the wrinkle is kept taut, while the moisture underneath plumps up the skin and, ideally, the wrinkle even after the gel patch is removed in the morning.

Evening Shade.

Aside from the fact that skin is more receptive to treatment while the body is resting, many efficacious ingredients work best at night. L-ascorbic acid, the most potent form of skin-brightening vitamin C, and retinol, derived from vitamin A, both become unstable and break down in the presence of UV light.

Bedtime Brush up.

Hair and teeth may benefit from evening treatment rituals, too. Frederic Fekkai’s Overnight Hair Repair a two-week regimen, and something of a splurge at $195 a bottle packs nourishing ingredients previously reserved for the face. Wheat and rice “smart” ceramides adhere to the most damaged areas of the hair follicle, while edelweiss extract and provitamin B5 give each strand a protective coat. Manhattan stylist Ted Gibson has priced his Hair-sheet Treatment foil-wrapped sheets infused with vitamins A and E, wild orchid and lavender oils at a friendlier $35 per box of five. Oil and water repel each other, ” says Gibson. So when oils are applied to dry hair, they are immediately absorbed and continue to condition it throughout the night. ? Of course, quick penetration also promises stain-free Pratesi pillowcases.

D.I. Y. Teeth bleaching, which generally requires gel-filled trays or adhesive strips, is best undertaken at night. Now there’s even a toothpaste that purports to work long after you’ve rinsed and flossed: Crest’s Vivid White Nighttime toothpaste contains “micro-cleansing whiteners” long molecules with sticky ends that cling (and stay) on the pellicle-protein layer of the tooth surface (where bleachproof stains are often embedded) all night before they are brushed away in the morning. The flavor of choice: Moonlight Mint, of course. And if that doesn’t soothe you to sleep, there’s always a cup of chamomile tea. Beauty >306

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