Celebrity idol Beyonce Knowles

SCHOOL GATE STYLE Wearing flat boots, a cardi tied effortlessly around the shoulders and sitting behind the wheel of the biggest vehicle on the road.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Your 4×4 is your baby, along with your brood of kids, of course. You feel powerful when you’re in your wheels and this makes the school run one hell of a ride. You just can’t help but turn into a different person when you’re sitting in your car. Even the kids comment on your crazy eyes and the wave of aggression that hits you as soon as you get to those pesky traffic lights. Yellow lines won’t stand in the way of you dropping your precious cargo as close to the school gates as possible.

You don’t have time to get out of your car and chat to the other moms – you’re a very busy woman. But you’ll roll down the window and wave regally at any faces you recognise before bestowing each child with a kiss and sending them on their merry way.

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