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Next post: And the next evening Joshua sailed for Ibiza. Until Pauline was confined to a bed in the Royal Vic, adrift on Valium, Joshua had been able to enjoy himself in Montreal even in the pit of winter, out tramping the streets at night, the snow heaped everywhere, the black trees bare. Ears stinging, squeaking powdery snow underfoot, he would ascend the mountain into Upper Westmount, pausing here and there to peer boldly into living room windows, watching families gathered round their crackling fireplaces, proof against icy blasts, playing back the days events to each other or maybe perusing spring seed catalogues, planning a better garden. But what he enjoyed most of all was seeking out old classmates to bait. St. Urbain urchins who had struck it rich. Especially Pinsky.

Celebrity Cameos 

 Surprisingly, the waist-defining plastic surgery of choice is liposuction, rather than the traditional “tummy tuck,” which Sherman says is a much more complicated procedure, involving general anesthesia, greater scarring, and much longer recovery times.
 “Tummy tucks are really now only for people who’ve lost a great deal of weight and have a problem with extra skin, or those who have a muscular problemwomen who’ve had several kids and stretched out their muscles to a point where exercise can’t do much,” he says. “Liposuction makes more sense for most people. We’ll do an abdominal liposuction on someone on Friday, and she’s back at work in the middle of the next week, sometimes even on Monday.”
 As far as the won’t-die rumors about movie stars (Raquel Welch, Cher) having their lower ribs removed to make for a smaller waist, Sherman insists that he’s never heard of such an operation actually taking place. “I’m sure, because people always bring it up, that someone’s done it, somewhere,” he says. “But there’s never been anything published about it; no one has owned up to performing such a procedure, much less to having had one. To risk your lifeyour ribs are right there up against your lung tissuefor what would be a relatively minor change in aesthetics would be crazy.”
 Before you rush off for liposuction, however, it’s wise to note that the black, doubleclasped belt from Gucci functions a bit like control-top underwear. Indeed, the new looks coming down the runway will make you appear thinner, Karan says. “The most flattering part of the waist is a little higher on the body than most people think,” she says. “I love a belt right at the thinnest part of your torso. It’s all about accentuating the positive: Focusing high on the waist elongates the leg, which makes you look taller and leaner.” Kors’s belts ride just a tad lower. “You don’t want it to look like the fifties, or even the eighties,” he says.
 Nonetheless, a renewed program of crunches at the gym with the likes of Linda Santosone of the team of elite trainers at New York’s Equinox Fitness Clubs who are known for whipping models, rock stars, CEOs, Internet gurus, and finance wizards alike into bikini-perfect shape in record timeis definitely in order. Like Sherman, Santos hears a lot from her clients about their stomachs. “When women come in, they prioritize two areas, the waist and the lower body,” she says. What she tells them is that they can get beautifully toned musclesbut that without cardiovascular exercise and diet changes, no one will ever be able to see them.
 Of course. Sheand any other decent trainer on the planethas a simple prescription for achieving that critical .7 measurement: (A) Eat less; (B) exercise more; (C) sure, you can do crunches, but the only real route to a flat stomach is to lose fat, period; (D) accept your body, and stop obsessing.

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