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Celebrity Body Insurance 

Photographing people in their natural element can be a welcome change of pace for any photographer. But when Raymond Meeks headed to Iowa for this month’s fashion story, “Heartland,” , the experience was not only gratifying but personally affecting as well. Meeks fell in love with the Kriegers, a farming family with ten daughters who invited him into their home for three days and ended up as the subjects of many of his photos. “The Krieger family made that experience very special,” says Meeks. “I’m from Ohio, so I recognized those people and that landscape. 
They were sort of like my neighbors in a sense. And we were also shooting on their property and in the home they grew up in. It made for a very natural setting and environment” But despite the familiar territory and people, nothing prepared him forthe sheer size of the exceptionally tall Kriegers. “I use waist level cameras and tend to heroicize people a little too much because I’m looking up at them,” says Meeks. “But with these people, I kept finding myself wanting to get up on a ladder.”

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