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E and A Inseparable

A word of caution here, now that I’ve told you how good vitamin E can be for your hair. It is, and don’t suspect that I am going to tell you now that there’s a danger. It’s not that. Celebrities with the Men’s undercut hairstyle It’s just that vitamins A and E are two that work together. Now I’ve already touted A as the skin vitamin and I assume that you’re taking it every single day.

But just in case you consider yourself skin-perfect and aren’t downing that vitamin A, let me warn you here that vitamin E tends to act against vitamin A which means nothing more than the fact that you must take them both, especially if you are taking the amounts of E that are recommended to produce beautiful results. You should never have one without the other!

I don t want you losing your skin-beauty in favor of hair shine and therefore want you never, never to forget that, as long as you are taking vitamin E, you must take vitamin A as well. They’re both beautiful, so why not? And, as of this red-hot moment, there is now available a water-miscible vitamin E just in case you’re not into adding any more oil than necessary.

Celebrities with the Men’s undercut hairstyle Maybe you’re one of those rare creatures who manufactures quite enough of her own natural oils, with no help needed. So now you have no excuse.

For vitamin E is one more oil-soluble vitamin, just like vitamins A and D, and, although there has been no research on vitamin E as there has with the other two when taken in large doses you might want to play it safe, and head for the water-miscible version. Just thought I’d let you know there’s an oil-free kind.

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