When Joni popped into the world, Twiggy was overjoyed. As Carly and Ben held her, I ran up the corridor to the waiting room, where my husband Leigh was sitting, and blurted out, It’s a girl!’ she recalls. Then I burst into tears of happiness.

While most people predicted that Carly was expecting a boy, Twiggy had an inkling she would have a daughter.

The night before I gave birth, she had a dream that she was holding a baby girl wearing a pink and white outfit, says Carly.

Her elder sister, my aunty Shirley, thought so, too. They both have a sixth sense.

As for their baby’s name, Carly explains: Ben and I both grew up listening to Joni Mitchell. My mum was obsessed with her and used to play her music all the time, as did his mum. And Joni’s such a pretty, simple name.

Sharing the joy of watching Joni change and grow is another special bonding experience for her mother and grandmother, who both reflect on how she has enriched and transformed their lives. She’s made me more sensitive and enhanced my empathy for others, says Carly. I cry at everything now. It’s not about me any more – she comes first.

For Twiggy, Joni has become a driving force in her life. Carly and I used to see one another about once a week, she says. Now that she’s a mum, it’s almost every day. As a mum, Carly is a natural and I’m so proud of her.

Before Joni was born, she’d ask my advice about motherhood, but she’s turned out to be the most natural mum in the world. She’s calm, patient and never panics; she’s brilliant.

Although her London apartment is close to Carly’s home, Twiggy and Leigh are looking for a country house, where the entire family can gather and where Joni and Solomon can have their own rooms.

It was the babies that did it, says Twiggy. Leigh and I want to spend more time with them and our families, so we’re searching for the perfect place. I love the little ones to bits and want to be near to them all the time. UJ

Source: Lives Star

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