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CARELESS SOUL, released on April 8, is the debut full-length album from Texas born, Nahville-based and UK-championed, Cale Tyson (read more in his intreview with Megan

Gnad on page. It’s the followup to a well-received EP in 2015, INTRODUCING CALE TYSON, which saw this talented newcomer recognised as one of the most exciting new country acts of recent years.

CARELESS SOUL was released through UK-based Clubhouse records and recorded at Fame Studios, produced by Emmylou Harris’ current bass player, Michael Rinne, and Rodney Crowell. It features 11 self-written songs that share classic country themes of unrequited love, women and drinking and the big questions.

The album immediately caught my attention with Staying Kind and its soulful, nostalgic sound and his can’t-be-taught cool, laidback attitude that pours out of the speakers. The arrangement on this song and on all that follow nods to so many soul and country sounds that the album is at once classic and modern, a rare thing indeed.

Cale himself seems to be a time travelling cowboy, one minute he displays a youthful confidence and coolness (Easy) with tracks that capture all it means to be young and reckless (Easy), the next he presents us with believable heartache (Travelling Man) and blues (Somebody Save Me), turning into the old soul drinking alone in a bar, willing to share one of his many stories with anyone that will listen. Only 23 years old, but he has the ability to sing in that old and ever-relevant narrative voice of the whiskey drinking cowboy who has lived life to the fullest – experiencing all of its joy and every bit of its pain (Ain’t It Strange).

Each song is a standout but they hold together flawlessly thanks to Cale’s vocal -an understated, effortless country yodel -which sounds even better accompanied by some of Nashville’s finest musicians (including Jeremy Fetzer on lead guitar and Brett Resnick on pedal sleel) and plenty of beautiful three-part harmonies. Charlotte Taylor

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