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Rock music for the Toyota Prius driver Buford Pope aka Mikael Liljeborg, hails from a Swedish island called Gotland and has been an avid lover of all things Americana since discovering Bob Dylan in his teens; and that passion comes across from startto finish on STICKS INTHE THROAT.

The album gets off to a good start with Don’t Take It Out On Me which is a pretty standard rock groove; with some sparky guitar playing behind Liljeborg’s expressive voice.

She’s Got A Country Mouth which follows opens with some cool piano playing then a jangly West Coast guitar break followed by Liljeborg sounding uncannily like John Mellencamp when he was a Cougar; on a catchy song that’s destined for FM radio worldwide this Summer and I imagine leather jackets, torn jeans and battered sneakers will play a part in the video too.

Go Your Own Way; about standing up for yourself against life’s trials and tribulations, is one of the better up-tempo tracks; but spoilt (in my humble opinion) with the judicious use ofF**k That! As a pay off to the chorus. Perhaps that’s is how the cool kids talk these days; but not in my company.

Sadly things either go downhill or stay on a plateau from then on in; with the rest of STICKS INTHETHROATbeing standard Adult Oriented Rock that still has a place in the music market; and could easily get them a support slot when some supergroup from the 80s comes to town.

This album has takena while formeto get my head around as there is much to admire about it;as there should be being Buford Pope’s fifth album, but it reminds me of all those albums I bought in my teens after hearing a great single and being disappointed when nothing else came up to that high standard. Alan Harrison


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