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Best places and Shopping Guide For Your Wedding & Honeymoon

Where to Shop

KaDeWe, the famed department store, is still queen of the Berlin shopping scene. Besides Escada dresses and Hermes china, you’ll find 1,700 varieties of cheese, 1,200 types of sausage, and whole wild boars in season. Tauentzienstrasse 21-24.

What to Read

For a taste of the city before the war or the Wall, pick up Christopher Isherwood’s The Berlin Stories, on which Cabaret the musical and the movie was partly based.

What to Know

• There’s only so much sauerkraut a vegetarian can eat. So if you’re not a carnivore, here’s a handy phrase: “Bitte, konnte ich einne Kas-eschnitte haben?” (“Could I have a cheese sandwich, please?”)

• If you don’t speak German, you might find yourselves tongue-tied by the multisyllabic street names (Husemannstrasse? Kurfursten-strasse?). Don’t fret. Mentally strip “strasse” (“street”) off the word, and the correct pronunciation will become clearer (or at least less impossible).

• Want the real deal on the hottest spots in the city? Visit a local bookstore for The Young Person’s Guide to Berlin.

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