Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout aka Brazilian hair straightening is one of the most discussed hair trend of last years. Everybody agrees that it has miracle effect on curly coarse hair but it is suggested that Brazilian blowout has side effects too.


Claimed side effects doesn’t stop women from trying this hair trend and most Brazilian blowout reviews are positive. Plus Brazilian blowout lasts for 6 months, which makes this hair trend even more in demand.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

It is basically treatments eliminate frizz, straighten the hair. Brazilian blowout cost about $150–$600 depending on the hair length. It can be applied to all types of hair including bleached, coloured, permed and highlighted hair. Since it is a keratin based treatment, it nourishes hair contrary to other strengthening treatments. It aim to straighten curls and waves and to reduce frizz.

Brazilian Blowout Results

After the treatment, hair will be left totally frizz-free, shiny, and effortlessly manageable without losing its volume and body. Many hair-strengthening products cause hair to lose its volume. But in Brazilian blowout, hair will maintain its natural volume and you will still receive great bend and memory when blow-drying and/or using a curling iron.


Brazilian blowout includes some chemicals that when they are heated,­ the intensity is increased and can cause harm to both you and your stylist.  But it is also proved that most of these chemicals are also used in other beauty products and hair treatments. They are not labeled as illegal.

Black Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout 2015

Brazilian Blowout

Brown Brazilian Blowout

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