Come Monday, you’ll curse the fact that you didn’t switch to water (ah, hindsight). But in the^ moment, as cocktails flood your system, they mess with GABAand glutamate, the neurotransmitters responsible for impulse control. So you reach for another, and another… The chaos rages long after your last sip. Those unbalanced brain chemicak”plus alcohol-related neuron damage and brain cells injured by lack of sleep (benders rarely happen before a respectable beSUme)-equal one thing: a wicked hangover. Nope, it’s not just about dehydration. And, please, avoid the hairofthe dog.

The more you take in, the longerthe misery in your noggin lingers. Heart Did you shovel down a chunk of high-fat grub with your drinks? A single pizza feast may impairartery function, stressing out your heart. That on top of booze-caused damage which can hinder blood-vessel activity. Digestion Fun as it may feel, a bender is no celebration for your gut. Rich cuisine and alcohol can slow the digestive process to a crawl, ushering in swelling, acid reflux and constipation.

In fact, your stomach and intestines are so overworked that they may leak bacteria into your bloodstream, which hitsthe immune system hard, raising your susceptibility to colds and flu. Add just one more day of good times and the effect is amplified. Liver Its job is to break down what you swallow and absorb. Too much liquor and junk food mean this organ can get Dacked up – toxins accumulate inside the liver, while excess sugar and fat clog things even more. Luckily, it takes more than a few unhealthy days to do permanent damage. Keep it up, though, and you’re looking atfull-body inflammation and troubling cholesterol levels, among other nasties.

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