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From time to time you do hear about some sensational stories about hair colouring gone wrong. It’s true that a very tiny percentage of people can develop a sensitivity to hair colour which may cause a reaction.The guidelines are simple: if you’re concerned ask or do a patch test on your skin. If you are prone to a reaction it will appear very quickly, usually in the form of a rash, swelling or itching. Allergies can develop between colours so patch tests are recommended by all the leading hair colour manufacturers.

Recently there has been some scaremongering about a possible link between hair colourants and cancer. However, in studies conducted by the American Cancer Society and Harvard University it was concluded that the overall evidence excluded any appreciable and measurable risk of cancer from personal use of hair dyes. If you are at all in doubt or concerned, contact the manufacturer of the chosen hair colourant you or your hairdresser use.

Colour has the power to change a look instantly even if you are doing it yourself. My stand on this is simple; if you are making a colour change leave it in the hands of the experts but if you are touching up the experts work then yes, it can be achieved at home.

Colour adds new dimension to your hair even if you stay similar to what you are naturally. Most woman want to go for something other than their natural hair colour and use colour to brighten, lighten or make their own colour more interesting. And for those who have never tried colour, trust me, even a few woven threads of colour placed around the face can make a huge difference just like a slick of mascara can bring an eye to life.

Colour can brighten up dullness, add warmth, enhance the texture of the hair, make it look thicker and amazingly more alive. And if you’re on a budget and want to colour without the salon price tag or can’t face trying to do the back yourself at home (and all those stained towels), then I’ll let you into a secret. Every local salon or hairdressing school needs willing volunteers so you could end up with a free colour or at least at a fraction of the cost.

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