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A lot of women just don’t bother, but using a heated roller brush, even if you don’t blow dry your hair, can have great results. If you are really lazy, just do the top sections and the front and let the rest of your hair kick and bend. Use a liglit serum to polish away any stray hairs. Frizzy, unkempt hair is one of the worst ageing culprits.

Have at least three or four haircuts a year. With age the hair does get weaker and thinner and therefore the tips split more easily. Avoid split ends at all costs.

Be religious about using deep conditioning treatments.

Used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, deep conditioning masks will add moisture the essential secret weapon for anti ageing.

It’s okay to use pictures of hairstyles you like but try to be realistic about what you and your stylist can achieve.

Get the LOOK

Hair fashions come and go but there are some classic styles that never date. In this chapter I show you how easy it is to change your look from day to night and back again. Hair should be playful and versatile and experimenting with your hair is just like trying out some new heels or changing the length of your skirt.

There are 10 fantastic looks here, showing that fabulous hair doesn’t necessarily mean booking in to see a top stylist. All these hairstyles can be done at home with just a few of the right tools and products. Pick your favourite and go for it!

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