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Bad advice: easy to give

Even people who should know better ofen don’t.

Sportscaster Pat Summerall and analyst John Madden were the commentators during a telecast of a National Football League game. The two men had an interesting discussion as they watched the teams bungle through the game. The home team’s rookie quarterback was having another in a series of bad games.

“I don’t understand it,” commented Madden, the former coach of the Oakland Raiders. “You practice all week, do everything you are supposed to do. You keep saying, ‘Don’t make mistakes don’t fumble, don’t jump offside, don’t drop passes, don’t miss blocks’ you do that all week, and then come out on Sunday and do all those things you’ve been told not to do!”

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Without realizing it, Madden gave a perfect definition of negative thinking. He wanted to express a positive thought, but he used all negative mental pictures. All of the words he used produced negative pictures – pictures of what not to do.

By contrast, Jimmy Johnson, who coached the Dallas Cowboys to two consecutive Super Bowl victories, would tell his players, just before they left the locker room to compete in a championship game, to “protect the ball and make the plays.” Johnson’s words produced positive pictures – pictures of what to do.

Always remember this: Positive pictures produce desirable effects; negative pictures produce undesirable effects. Let’s look at some real-life examples of positive and negative mental attitudes.

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