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I’m a great advocate of colour and most of the w omen that visit my salons wear some kind of colour, whether it’s a full head tint, where t lie colourist mixes many colours together to get a unique blend, or just a few delicately woven flickers of colour around the face. Colour adds life to hair think of it as an overall investment in your beauty regime and you’ll always keep the vears at bay.

Use styling products to enhance the texture in your hair. You are looking to add shine or polish but not glue your hair together. There is nothing worse than hair that looks artificial.

A little volume is flattering as a woman ages. Avoid straight, flat hair and use heated appliances to help you achieve body, bounce, curls or waves.

Ask your stylist to cut the tips of your hair with the tips of the scissors rather than the length of the blade. This will give you a softer effect, whatever shape you wear. Hair that is ruffled, softly textured and loose is much more flattering on a woman over forty.

Regular daily scalp massages for a few minutes as you shower in the morning and before you go to sleep can really help the blood supply to the hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth.

Sleeping on silk pillowcases is very kiricl to your hear and reduces the snags and tears that happen as your hair moves around the pillow during your sleep. This is a good tip for keeping skin smooth too.

Wearing hair tied up can be very feminine and look pretty but avoid scraping it back severely. Instead pull it back into a looser style and wear subtle hair accessories. Spraying a dry shampoo through the hair before loosely pulling the hair back with the fingers and securing is much softer.

Taking a few extra minutes each day to sty le your hair can make a real difference.

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