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• Find out bob hairstyles 2015 how many transplant procedures a surgeon has per formed pdtfiadarly in umnen,

• Ask to see before bob hairstyles 2015 and after photographs of patients, or better yet, talk to former patients. A surgeon should have an artistic ahtlitv lor creating hairlines and fllling in areas of thinning.

• Find out how many grafts you will need and what the costs will be.

• Ask to see complication rates the percentage of patients who have experienced complications and side effects follow ing surgery.

Be aware, too, that there are unethical practitioners and oppor tunists working bob hairstyles 2015 in the hair restoration field. Any clinic that prom ises a quick or easy procedure, or says you can get a fiili head of hair in one session, is probably out to get your money rather than improve your appearance. Don’t fail prey to these gimmicks, or you’ll find yourself sorely disappointed.

Hair restoration bob hairstyles 2015 surgery is a rapidly evolving field. Improve ments in technique and technology are allowing surgeons to produce better and smaller grafts, give patients a more natura! appearance, and reduce surgical complications. Your challenge is to thoroughîy investigate your options and to do so rationally before jumping into a surgery that some of the most qualified plastic surgeons stili consider a calculated risk.

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