Blow dry and go hairstyles

After allowing yourself the time to complete this hair pampering ritual in the shower or bath, the next stage is to gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair.

I’ve seen so many girls rub their hair madly at this stage all this will do is tangle the delicate fibres and make the hair feel rough. Use a wide toothed comb (I recommend my New Celebrity Hairstyles No Knots Comb’) to comb your the hair so it is ready for styling.

So far so good? Shiny happy hair does mean time. I’m often asked what’s the best hair tip I can give and it’s always about spending a few more minutes on your haircare, whether it’s massaging our scalps a little longer or rinsing those gorgeous perfumed bubbles away for a few more seconds.

Time is such a commodity and because of this women often rush through their haircare routine and feel frustrated with the end result. Just applying a weekly deep conditioning mask can make a huge difference to how your hair looks, feels and behaves.

Beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder but how you feel about your hair can hair Your mother probably told you that when you have to work so hard to make something happen, it’s probably best to let it go whether it’s a relationship, a job or an unrealistic hairstyle! Most of the hair problems women tell me about are to do with their locks not doing what they want. The trick to great hairstyling is to embrace some of your hair’s natural texture (personality) and enhance the rest.

A lesson with your super duper hairdresser will help you learn some tricks of the trade. ou can sizzle and fry your hair into submission as long and as much as you want but how long the effect will last is another question, only to be answered by the heavens above. It’s essential that when you style you use a properly mixed cocktail of products and that cocktail depends on your hair’s texture (personality).

I usually work a mixture of three products into hair when I style, all chosen for their lightweight clean feeling in the hair. I always start off with a liberal spritzing of heat protective spray (like my New Celebrity Hairstyles Straight Answer Hot Iron Protection Spray). Apply evenly throughout the hair and then add the following styling products, depending on your hair type.

Blow dry and go hairstyles

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Blow dry and go hairstyles

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