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At the Olympics there are four weight classes: 105!4pourfs, 121 pounds, 138% pounds, and 158/4 pounds. The stationary bicycle in the sauna makes it possible for George, whose natural training weight is 128, to pedal offfive or more pounds before weigh-in. For successful wrestlers, weight is a technical concern, not an emotional one. In fact, Hobeika believes that if more young girls learned to wrestle, there would be fewer women with body-image problems.

Not that this was ever an issue for George, whose intense training regimen entails endless sessions of weight-lifting, running, throwing dummies, drills, yoga, and Tae Bo. “We’ve got muscles,” she says. “We’ve got ponytails, and we’re trying to kill each other.” She had already competed in gymnastics and track at Cleveland Heights High School when she told her parents she wanted to go out for wrestling.

“I thought she was out of her mind,” her mother, Rosie L. George, says. The next thing George’s parents knew, they were at a meet watching their seventeen-year-old daughter take on a boy.

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