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Writing this book has been a great experience and has really made me think about how I feel about hair and why I am where I am now. I call it my hair addiction. Every day I work with hair and so I’m always aware of the potential that good hair has to transform how a woman looks and feels; how it can excite and ignite her emotions and give her a sense of power and the feeling that she can conquer anything in her path. When a woman has Shiny Happy Hair everything is possible, nothing stands in her way and her life is truly ON! She walks tall and is proud to flaunt her crowning glory! She’s in control!

It is witnessing (and bringing about) this display of happiness that inspires me when I design and create hairstyles and has probably spurred me on to where I am today. I thrive on it! I guess that’s the thing about good hairdressers they see hair as art, as design, as something that can transform.

A hairstyle doesn’t have to be radical or extreme or even necessarily in fashion, but if it’s right for the wearer then it can speak volumes. I’m literally addicted to the smile I see when a woman sees herself in the mirror when I’ve finished her hair. I can make a woman look taller, slimmer and younger with the right hairstyle. But it’s not just about technical skill or being a good designer it’s about having
I guess that’s the thing about good hairdressers

the know how and the experience. My career has been a wonderful journey I’ve scoured the world in the pursuit of hair knowledge, tried and tested countless products and gadgets and explored design, as something that can transform. every hair myth. All this so I can tell every woman the secrets to having Shiny Happy Hair!

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