Black Women Hairstyles 2014

Black hair is the most common hair color in the world. It might be the most common but not necessarily boring! There is nothing more elegant than black shining hair. When it comes to black hair buts, women with black hair can carry any haircut in the world. Whether it is a long shiny hair or its short pixie, black hair compliments your face shape. If your hair is black it generally looks healthier than the other colors. Here are some hairstyle advices for women with black hair;


Bangs and fringes look great on black hair. Whether it is heavy bangs from the 60s or  side bang, they will all look good on black hair.

Sleek and Centered

Women with black hair carry out this hairstyle the best among all! When choosing this hairstyle, just make sure that your hair is well conditioned. You can also apply shine serum for extra gloss.

Bob Haircut

If you have black hair, short or long bob haircut will look very good on you. While your hair color highlights your facial features, your haircut will draw more attention to your face. All in all, it is a perfect recipe for more attention !

Natural Black Hairstyles

Black haired women would look their best when they play with their own texture. Whether you have wild curly hair or straight hair, you shouldn’t try to change it too much because black hair shows the damage on the hair the most. So if you have curly hair, just work on your beautiful curls and don’t damage your hair with heat or texture changing treatments.

  Black Women Hairstyles 2014

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