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Disputes older than 40 days Likewise, you can still dispute suspicious debit activity longer than 40 days after it was debited and apply to the bank to have it reversed. But, instead of an automatic reversal, the bank will query the validity of the transaction with the service provider or the company’s bank. Clive explains how this process works: The service provider’s bank is given 30 days written notice to prove the authenticity or validity of the transaction. Black teenage girl short haircuts If invalid, it will be cancelled and the funds manually returned to your account. If the service provider can produce a valid and authentic mandate authorising the debit order, then it won’t be reversed and you’ll have to take up your dispute with the service provider directly. When banks check for an authentic mandate they’ll look for your signature on the authorisation-to-debit form. Any dispute regarding the authenticity of your signature is a matter between you and the service provider. To avoid the headache of getting your money back, ensure you are careful about who you give the right to debit your account; and that the company or service provider is reputable and well established. And, check your bank statements regularly.

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