Black hairstyles and care guide

My role is to travel and give trainings of treatments to beauticians around the world, and to launch any new products at events. I also develop Bernard Cassiere products with Celine, and another lady in France, and then we create professional protocols. So I create the massage, the steps, the techniques, and I present them.

How does Bernard Cassiere stand out among other brands in the market?

We are a fun, young brand, a very different position from the strict, older ones. With our protocol steps, we always try to focus on the beauticians. My goal is to motivate beauticians so that they will enjoy every treatment they perform. If they get bored with the treatments, with their work, they will not have good business. The more you enjoy what you do, the more you will do a good job.

What should beauticians highlight to clients when recommending Bernard Cassiere?

They should let the clients know that the products are made in France, and French products are regulated by very strict sources to ensure that they are safe for everyone. Furthermore, our products are made with natural ingredients. Clients need to know that what is going on their face is tested and completely safe.

What do you think are some of the most common skin concerns in Singapore?

I can say that dark spots are a concern here, so we are working on the dark spots line to make it even better, especially for Asian people. We do not usually sell much of our anti-dark spots in Europe.

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