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Christian Slater action pic, is a step in the color-blind direction. “They decided to go white, but they read me for it,” says Pinkett of the latter. “I’m going up for the same roles as Nicole Kidman and Winona Ryder. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.”

She’ll be “there” when black actresses are routinely going up for the same roles as white actresses and nailing them. Directors are still reluctant to offer so-called color-blind roles to black actresses. “I understand the nature of this business,” says the feisty Pinkett, 23, who has starred in back-to-back projects, most notably Menace II Society, Jason’s Lyric and A Low Down Dirty Shame.

She never takes rejection for racial reasons as a referendum on her talent. “I never ever think it’s about me. It’s about money, it’s about marketing, it’s about audience.” Still, she’s optimistic: “Whitney has proven with The Bodyguard and Angela with What’s Love Got to Do With It that black women are in demand. Once Hollywood realizes that people do want to see black female leads, they’ll say, ‘Let’s open up more doors.’”

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