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Postfacelift Grafting

If you ve had several facelîfts and have lost a lot of hair at the hairline above your ears as a result, hair transplantation can cor rect this Typtcally, surgeons use a combination of slit grafts, round grafts, and micrografts to fili in the hairline. Two or three sessions, spaced a minimum of four months apart, are usually required.

Complications of Hair Grafts

Hair grafts, like any surgical procedure, are not without risks and complications. It’s critical to understand what they are before you decide to go through with surgery. In addition, be sure to discuss the risks with your surgeon. What follows is a description of potential complications.

However, some surgeons are not totally sold on the benefits of lasers. The downside of laser use includes more postoperative crusting on the scale, longer time to produce the slits, and delayed hair growth. WIth regard to the latter, at least one study has found that hair growth ftonri îaser cfe»ted niten was not as great that from sites created wîth conventlonal surgical methods. In addi tion, the tise of laser beams can destroy collagen and other coft nective tissue tinder the skin This may cause grafts to fail out of their holes more easily.

If considering hair implant surgery, he sure to tboroughîy dituss the pros and cons of laser technology with your surgeon.

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