Billie Faiers Hairstyles 2016

I’ve been studying hypnobirthing techniques and I want it to be as natural as possible. We’re going to get a pool so I have it there as an option. Paul was really keen on a home birth from the start but I was uneducated about it, and obviously now I know a lot more. I’ve been doing pregnancy yoga and yoga birthing classes, I’ve been really enjoying it and have thrown myself into it. I’ve quite surprised myself, actually. You have to make a few mad noises with the breathing but I’ve been doing it all properly. Now that I know more, I can only imagine having a home birth. And I’m up the road from the hospital if we need it.

What is it about hypnobirthing and a home birth that appeals to you?

I don’t like hospitals and I feel comfortable and calm in my own home. I can play nice music and have my candles lit and have my mum, Paul and my sister there. I’m low risk and everything is okay, so it shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. It’ll be calming for me to be in my own environment.

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