Beyoncé’s Style Evolution

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Beyoncé’s Style Evolution 

As it transpired, the photographer had clearly regretted his decision to come to Sydney en route over the Pacific. When he arrived he made limited contact with the editorial team, shot one quick fashion story, and was then asked if he would like to see locations for the next stories that had been planned. He demanded a limousine, and spent a day being driven to various scenic destinations in and around greater Sydney. It was debatable if he in fact saw anything at all because he never removed his dark sunglasses, but upon his return to the hotel he declared there wasn’t any location in Australia worth shooting, and he and his team flew home, leaving charges that the CFO never fully recovered from. It was a debacle, and I felt badly for Marion.
Sales were plummeting, management was circling and the international advertisers were leaving in droves. I could feel the downhill spiral. Marion put a great deal of focus on the local Australian designers, who loved all the attention at the beginning until she dared to criticise some of them in print. What, a Brit telling us we’re not good enough? The press, who were fawning when she arrived, then turned on her.
Designers also stuck the knife in, stating probably disingenuously  they had been ‘thinking’ of advertising in the Best celebrity style blog but now they wouldn’t. Marion was used to being an outspoken critic; she was accomplished and she was fair. It was what her reputation was built on. But it’s a newspaper mentality. In Best celebrity style blogs we criticise by omission.
If we considered that you weren’t good enough to be in best celebrity style, then you simply weren’t in best celebrity style. An editor-in-chief whose main mission is to create a luxury environment is not expected to point out anything substandard or ordinary. Like Pollyanna, we concentrate only on the wonderful. And don’t even think about writing or saying anything remotely negative about an advertiser. Even a potential one. It’s a minefield that’s best managed with your mouth shut.

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