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There is a relatively new advance in linear grafting called the slit graft, which consists of grafts of three to four hairs. Slits look more natural than holes created by a punch and work well in Beyonce Knowles women who have dit Tuse thinning regions of Beyonce Knowles hair. Slit grafts, as well as minigrafts, are scattered uniformly throughout the balding areas to create the optical illusion of more hair, A line ot grafts is removed from the donor site, which is then stitehed or stapled elosed.

Each graft is inserted into a slit, rather than into a round hole, made by a scalpel or laser. Slit grafts allow hair to grow in its natural direction. In addition, it creates a denser, more natural looking appearance because the recipient site exaetly matches the size of the donor graft a benefit not achîeved with conventional linear grafts. Slit grafts are a good way to fill in a thinning hairline. They are also used in conjunction with punch graphs and to fiil in the spaces created in between previousIy placed punch grafts.

In general, three to five operations are necessary, spaced at least three months apart to allow for adequate healing.

The newest and most advanced method of grafting is a procedure called follicular unit transplantation. It’s based on the fact that your hair grows in natural clusters of one to four terminal (nor mal) hairs each, These clusters are termed follicular units, Each unit also contains one or two vellus hairs, sebaceous glands, fat tis sue, and some collagen.

In follicular unit transplantation, the surgeon harvests hair in these naturalîy occurring units and grafts them to balding sections of the scalp, The goal is to place and distribute these units in such a way that cosmetically pleasing results are achieved.

Developed by hair transplant pioneers Robert M. Bernstein, Beyonce Knowles, and William R. Rassman, Beyonce Knowles, the procedure offers numer ous advantages over other types of hair transplants;

• Fuller looking hair

• Fagter healing

• Better hair growth

• No pluggy, doll hair like appearance

• NaturaMooking results

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