Best Wedding Planning Checklist

Complete your honeymoon plans and make bookings air, hotel, rental car, cruise ship. Note all reservations numbers. If you don’t have passports and are traveling abroad, apply for them.

.J Finalize the guest list. Give complete names, with addresses and zip codes, to the calligrapher so she can start on the envelopes.

Make an appointment for your first dress fitting. Bring the lingerie and shoes you’ll be wearing on the wedding day.

Order the wedding rings.

Make an appointment with your hairstylist to do a practice run with your headpiece; you can also secure her services for the day of the wedding. If you’ll be doing your own hair, begin experimenting with styles at home.

Schedule the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The dinner is traditionally the responsibility of the groom and his family.

Visit the formalwear shop in the town where you’ll be marrying, if the groom and ushers will be renting their outfits, to select and reserve their morning suits, strollers, or tuxedos.

Book a hotel room for the wedding night.

Choose favors a trial run. (Make sure you have dinner plans.)

Pick up the rings. If they’ve been engraved, check that the date is correct and names are spelled right.

indirPlan your bridesmaids’ party anything from a spa day to a barbecue the week of the wedding.

Write thank-you notes as you receive gifts.

Send your announcement to the newspapers.

Make copies of ceremony readings for those who’ll be doing them. They’ll need time to practice.

Get the marriage license

Submit lists of must-take shots to the photographer and videographer, and your playlist to musicians. (Also list shots and songs you don’t want.)

Arrange the seating plan. Write out table cards to direct guests to their seats, and place cards, if you’re using them.

Q Confirm honeymoon reservations.

Address your announcements to mail on the wedding day.

Break in your wedding shoes. Scuff the soles on the sidewalk or driveway to avoid slipping.

Write toasts for the rehearsal dinner and reception.

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