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NORDICA PHOTOGRAPHY DIAMOND EYES Cole Roberts founded Nordica Photography in Vancouver in 2009 and now split their time between Stockholm and Vancouver. Specialty ➸ Documenting each couple’s personal story and portraying the feeling of their unique destination wedding. Passion➸ “We’re motivated by photographing something we’ve never seen before, and destination weddings keep the insight fresh.” Behind the Scenes (1) ➸ “Kananaskis, outside of Calgary in the Canadian Rockies, has some of the more remarkable backdrops imaginable. This ceremony location was something else, and apart from the sun peeking out over the mountains, it also featured a visit from a curious grizzly bear.” Based in has been in the wedding-photography industry for fve years.

Specialty ➸ Alternative weddings. Passion ➸ “I love seeing the world, and I love love. I toured in a punk-rock band for years before doing this. With my photography, I want to be a part of the celebration of our lives. I’m drawn to the realness of a ceremony, the energy and joy of a reception, the moments capturing portraits that show how amazing a couple is together.” Behind the Scenes (2) ➸ “Epic dance parties require epic photos. This was taken at Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton, Massachusetts. This is where having the know-how of reception lighting makes all the diference.”

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SAMM BLAKE Samm Blake is a fine-art and wedding photographer based in New York. She has run her wedding business full time since 2007. Specialty ➸ “My images are intimate and personal; they have a poetic simplicity, rather than bombarding the frame with every element present.” Passion ➸ “I love photographing destination weddings as I fnd they’re more intimate, and I get to know the couple and guests so much better, which ultimately allows me to create more authentic and relaxed photographs.” Behind the Scenes (4) ➸ “Rebecca and Willie had a small, intimate celebration with their nearest and dearest on a friend’s property in Oregon. Here, they’re sharing a little moment together after the ceremony.”

BEAUTIFUL DAY PHOTOGRAPHY Laura Grier, based in Marina del Rey, California, has been in business for 14 years. Specialty ➸ Destination/ travel/adventure photography. Passion ➸ “I love adding unique and exotic places and photographs to my portfolio. I prefer going away to a destination for your wedding, where you’re able to disconnect from technology and reality, allowing friends and family on both sides to be forever bonded.” Behind the Scenes (3) ➸ “For Jessica and Adam’s Oahu, Hawaii, wedding, we hunted down Uncle Woody’s corn shack, a local hangout full of fun and color, which is completely my style. Between their retro outfts and the pop of yellow contrasting the blue sky, the whole photo had a perfect Technicolor feel.”

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