Best way to lose weight from stomach

Artificial light, silent sounds, odorless fumes. Short of completely disrupting your life style, what can you do to offset such subtle but malevolent influences?
The answer: optimal nutrition as armor against all forms of stress, known and unknown. In this chapter weVe been discussing comparatively innocuous environmental forces; the most deadly force, of course, is radiation. When radiation therapy is medically prescribed, the target disease must be severe indeed to warrant drastic bombardment.
Enter cancer. No one would deny that malignant growths within the body are evidence of the breakdown of its resistance to disease causing factors. But even in the case of a disease as serious as cancer, providing the body with a superabundant supply of all essential nutrients will not only help to ward off external attacks but also increases the chances of recovery after radiation therapy.

We proved this conclusively in 1966, by dramatically improving the rate of response in a group of cancer patients subjected to a radiation therapy with just one week of the psychodietetic approach the Optimal Diet and nutrient supplementation.

The experimental group was made up of 54 female patients with biopsy proven cervical cancer, all scheduled for radiation therapy at the Tumor Clinic in the University of Alabama Medical Center. One week prior to the start of radiation treatments, half the patients were placed on a diet high in protein, low in refined carbohydrates, and supplemented by a vitamin mineral preparation potent enough to insure an excess of essential nutrients. The other twenty seven women, given neither dietary counsel nor supplements, served as a control group.

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