Best Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Vitamin C

If you don’t have enough vitamin C, your hair and skin will know it. And show and tell. For a deficiency of vitamin C, the vitamin that can do a lot more than cure a common cold, will show up in ugly bruises that happen when an accident hasn’t. In other words, your hair and skin will be so delicate that a light touch can bruise it. (And some touches should remain your little secret.)

Not only that, a lack of C can give you a spotty suntan ugly hair and skin, indeed. Vitamin C is essential to the proper functioning of your thyroid, and your thyroid is one of the things that must be in good working order if you’re going to have that porcelain hair and skin you dream about. Remember my own experience with the improper thyroid medication and the distinctly un-beautiful acne that resulted. It would have been so much simpler for me and all of my doctors had I stuck to vitamins.

Now much has been written of late about megadoses of C as the cure for the common cold. Such scientific luminaries as Linus Pauling have recommended enormous dosages of vitamin C too enormous for me, I have to admit, unless I do feel a common cold coming on, in which case I run for the ascorbic acid. For this synthetic form of vitamin C is the one that works on the common cold the cold that works to give you an ugly red nose and, therefore, will be avoided. The natural vitamin C with bioflavanoids and rutin (found in the peel of citrus fruits, which is why you should always eat that part of the fruit; if you throw the peel away or, at least, the pithy part close to the peel you’re putting the vitamins in the garbage) are the C-toind to take for beauty maintenance. They work best on the long runs.

I would say the best dosage for beauty would be anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 units per day, but here again you must watch yourself carefully for any uncommon reactions. Vitamin C has been known to make rashes on some people usually on the same people who have allergic reactions to citrus fruits. If you see anything peculiar happening, then, cut back the dose, but make sure you have your C, and daily. For C is one of those water-soluble vitamins that disappears and needs to be replenished every day of your life.

One thing you smokers ought to know: Every time you light that cigarette you are using up 25 milligrams of vitamin C. Perhaps that is why hair and skin experts universally go against smoking as bad for the hair and skin . . . drying, wrinkle-making, generally beauty-detrimental. That’s 25 milligrams per smoke, 500 milligrams per pack. Therefore, if smoke you must, at least put back the vitamin C your smoking pleasure is destroying.

If I were you, I’d watch out for smoking. It’s a real beauty-killer as well as a possible you-killer.


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