Best vitamins for hair grow

Vitamins A and D

Our two beautiful hair and skin vitamins are the only two vitamins we’re sure that you have to watch, because they’re the only two vitamins that are retained in your system. Meaning that if you take too, too much, you get a build-up. And that could be bad. It could be toxic. There is still a great deal of controversy around the subject of just how much is too much.

I take 50,000 units of vitamin A each and every day of my life and have for twenty years. If I try to cut down to 25,000 units per day, believe me, it shows in my face all right. And so I don’t cut down and I have never seen any ill effects. But I most decidedly wouldn’t advise going over that amount except under a doctor’s care. I read recently an article in which a physician claimed to have cured supposedly incurable psoriasis with enormous doses of vitamin A. But then he was a physician and that life was in his hands. I do know, on the other hand, that, as with vitamin C, vitamin A can be taken in megadoses of up to 250,000 units per day providing you continue this treatment for no more than a week! They say that if megadoses of vitamin C don’t work on your common cold, try A. (I’ll stick with my 50,000 units, to play it safe.)

As for vitamin D, we all know you can get a lot too much if you sunburn. But vitamin D is another of those tricky vitamins that gets stored up inside, unlike, as I’ve said, the ones that are simply eliminated when your body has used up its needs. I know people who take 50,000 units of D daily. I don’t know why they’re living; 20,000 weekly should take care of any lack of sunshine and help you assimilate all that good calcium besides. Because without D, what good is calcium?


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