Best Skin Care For Summer Spring 2015


There are few things in life more exhilarating than whizzing down the ski slopes to earn some apres-ski fun and relaxation. But while most of your body is well covered for the majority of the time, your face and hands are often exposed to the sun’s powerful rays, which are made even stronger than in normal conditions because they are reflected offthe snow. Remember that sun protection is just as crucial on the slopes as it is on the beach, so next time you slip into your ski suit, remember to follow a few simple guidelines. If you’re going to get piste, don’t let the gluhwein go to your head.

1 Remember that the snow acts like a mirror – it reflects the sun’s rays, making them far more powerful and far more dangerous, even if it feels cold. Always use a total sunblock, and do not be persuaded otherwise by a whistling wind or low cloud cover. Maximum protection is vital at all times.

2 Do not forget your extremities: lips and ears tend to burn more on the slopes because they are easily forgotten. Physical barriers such as titanium dioxide are especially good for lips. Remember to coat your nose, forehead and neck with total sunblock.

3 Always wear glasses or goggles with good protective lenses. These are worth the expense because reflected UV rays are extremely harmful to the eyes, and in some cases cause snow blindness.

4 Wear a hat – most of your body heat is lost through your head – or, ifyou prefer not to, protect your hair with a UV hair product. Do not forget that your hair is just as likely to be damaged by the sun on the piste as on the beach.

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