Best Prom Hairstyles 2015


• Do use a blow-dryer that has a nozzle with a guard “Otherwise, your hair can get sucked into the diyer and snagged or burned,” says Pierre Michel’s Ludmilla Suvorova.

• Do treat the roots, middle and ends of hair differently “As your hair gets longer, you have to start thinking of a more complicated regimen. Shampoo from the top. where oils develop, to the middle. Condition only the hair not the scalp,” says Philip Kingsley’s Brian Thompson.

• Do use a gentle comb that suits your hair’s length “The best combs are smooth, hard rubber. The longer and curlier your hair, the more widely spaced the teeth should be.” says Thompson.

• Do choose a brush that won’t tug or stress hair “The best are paddle brushes with widely spaced nylon or plastic bristles set in a flexible base,” says Joicos Eric Fisher.

• Do trim long hair regularly “Even if you want to grow your hair longer, cut off a quarter of an inch every six weeks. It will keep you free of split ends.” says Martin Morgan of Philip B. salon in West Hollywood.

• Do brush your hair smooth before shampooing “Otherw ise. tangles can cause hair to break in the show er.” says Charles Booth, owner of La Coupe salon in New York City.

• Don’t comb out tangles from the top of the hair “Comb from the ends and make your way up, untangling one section of the knot at a time. Otherw ise, you may pull out a clump of hair.” says Premier Salons International consultant Arnold Zegarelli.

• Don’t use metal barrettes regularly “They can create heat and friction that cause hair to break.” says Vinnie Sofo, co-owner of Avtresse Salon in New York City.

• Don’t overcondition “Long, fine hair can look very weighed down,” says Sofo. “Condition only the ends of your hair, two to three times a week. If your hair isn’t dry. use a lighter detangler or cream rinse instead of a traditional conditioner.” (Try Paul Mitchell Creatives Finishing Rinse, Joico Integrity7, L’Oreal Studio Care Light Step.)

• Don’t assume salons that specialize in long hair are always the best choice The stylists at some we investigated recommended outdated basic blunt cuts only.

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