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Every day, except the day before and after waxing. These slough off dead skin, which blocks pores and causes hairs to veer from a straight path.

Q: Why do I get acne when I wax?

A: Waxing opens the pores, peels away protective skin layers and traumatizes the follicles. The result: Bacteria and sweat may clog pores more easily and lead to infection. To prevent this, wear loose, natur-al-fiber clothing just after waxing.

Ask your doctor or skin-care expert for antibacterial products (like Timezone’s Iobrom Gel). Don’t wax again until the acne heals.

Q: How many electrolysis sessions will I need to defuzz my upper lip?

A: That depends on the amount and type of hair you’re removing and your pain tolerance (some compare the sensation to a pin prick, others to a more painful burn). Even if you have a high pain threshold.


• Shaving makes you hairier New hair appears to grow back darker because the sun and elements haven’t had a chance to fade the color yel. This is true no matter what removal method you use.

• Hair grows faster in the summer Everyone has her own growth cycle, independent of the seasons.

Stress, pregnancy, birth control pills and menopause also stimulate hair growth.

• Hair on the torso is more painful to remove

Nerve endings, not body regions, contribute to pain.

The lip and bikini area happen to have more of them. For soothers, try ice, witch hazel or hydrocortisone.


Blade cuts hair at skin’s surface.


Cheap, quick, painless. Removes fine and coarse hair.

Regrowth within a few days.

66 cents a month (1.17 a month including shaving cream).


Hot or cold wax uproots hair below skin’s surface.


Lasts 2 to 6 weeks. Shorter for cold waxes (they don’t grab hairs as well).

Can be painful. Risk of burns, bruises, ingrown hairs.

Salon: $4 to $60 (depending on area). Home: $5 to $30 a kit (1 to 6 uses for legs).


Similar to waxing, but hairs are plucked out one at a time.

Brows; stray hairs missed by waxing.

Allows for control in shaping, contouring.

Can be painful, slow. Touch-ups needed every 7 to 10 days.

Salon: $8 to $30 each visit. Home: $2 to $18 for the tweezer.


Chemicals weaken hair at skin’s surface so it can be wiped off.


Cheap. Removes hair closer to skin than a razor.

Slow: requires waiting. Regrowth within a few days. Risk of burns, itching.

$4 to $6 a kit (1 to 3 uses for legs).


Hydrogen peroxide solution lightens hair, making it less visible.

Arms; upper lip; cheeks.

No stubbly regrowth. Lasts 2 to 6 weeks.

Risk of burns, dryness, redness, breakouts.

Salon: $10 to $30. Home: $4 to $6 a kit (IS to 20 uses for upper lip).


Needlelike probe conducts heat into follicle, inactivating it.

Face; stray, coarse hairs on stomach, back, fingers, toes, breasts.


Can be painful, expensive. Risk of scarring, pitting.

Salon: $16 for 15 minutes; $45 an hour (as much as $100 in cities).


Similar to waxing but done with a paste of sugar, lemon and water.


Same as waxing but gentler.

Risk of bruises, ingrown hairs.

Comparable to waxing.


Cotton thread pulls out several hairs at once from the roots.

Face; any small area with fine hair.

Same as waxing but gentler.

Risk of ingrown hairs.

Salon: $5 to $8.

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