Best oily skin care routine

If the Oil Is on the Outside

If you’re one of those rare women who admits to having oily skin, then the eat-fat, acid-balance routine is still for you. For your skin has wonderfully intelligent ways of repairing the damage you may have, unknowingly perhaps, done to it.

That hot, hot water, plus soap, plus those thirty (at least) rinses with die soapy water form an emulsion that works to balance up your skin’s fatty acids and make it normal again.

Truly oily skins may need more stringent soap. Laszlo has one, Clinique has one, and the RedKen acid-balanced bar is just what it says acid the correct way. The point here is, though, that in an acid-balanced regimen an oily skin may actually grow oilier for the first few days. Until that balance begins to get back to the 4.5 pH point.

Many of the cosmetics companies are now putting out treatment series Laszlo may have been a pioneer, but many more have followed his leadership. Many of these treatment cosmetics are backed by a must-remain-anonymous “famous dermatologist” (each company to its own) who has worked out things to take skin types into consideration. Clinique and Etherea were two of the first commercial lines to appear with full, computer-analyzed skin treatments. Orlane has a recent computer addition in its Skin Scanner which takes imprints of your skin and blows them up for analysis. (Must be scary. Dr. Laszlo warned me against ever looking at my skin with a magnifier. I pass the information along to you because it could set you back, and I won’t have that.) Then Orlane-trained salespersons tell you what products you need. I think all of this shows that commerce is headed in the right skin direction.

I would still be wary. Wary enough to go right on testing every product with my Nitrazine paper. And I would still keep watch on my skin to make sure not an extra drop of oil appeared on its surface. Especially if your skin is already headed that way, watch it even more closely, and don’t defend it with that “I’ll never wrinkle” routine. If you keep up your oiling inside, your acid-balanced cleansing outside, and your hands off, your skin should shape up shortly.

Meanwhile, if just if something unpleasant pops out and you want to get rid of it in a hurry, telephone your druggist and ask for calamine lotion with phenol. Now be sure to get the ready-mixed variety, for phenol is carbolic acid, and that’s too strong stuff for your face unless you plan to be Scarf ace. The kind the druggist has already mixed is perfectly safe and many a beauty swears by it for emergency measures. Which I hope you’ll never need.


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