Best Makeup For Your Face Shape


THE OVAL FACE Historically considered the most beautiful, in this face shape the features are evenly spaced and balanced and render make-up application easy. Emmanuelle Beart, Penelope Cruz

THE ROUND FACE (OR ‘BUTTON’) Usually combined with a small nose, this face shape can (often misleadingly) give the immediate impression of chubbiness. Cameron Diaz, Emma Bunton,

THE LONG FACE (OR ‘HORSE’) Defined by a powerful jaw, the long face gives the owner an appearance of strength, and sometimes hardness. Make-up is used best as a softener. Jerry Hall, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Aniston

THE SQUARE FACE The jaw, when seen from the side, is almost at right angles to the jaw bone. Accentuating the upper third ofthe face gives a soft, doe-eyed look. Isabella Rossellini, Audrey Hepburn


Defined by wide cheekbones and a pointy chin, the heart-shaped face gives an impression of girlie femininity. Minnie Driver, Helena Bonham Carter tricks of the trade ‘Make-up isn’t about rules, it’s about options,’ says Bobbi Brown, and of course there are times when you wish to tone down your strongest features. After all, if you want to look great, you certainly need to feel it. The art of optical illusion has always played a vital role in the history of make-up. From its earliest days as tribal war paint, right up to its most sophisticated application today, it has been used to disguise and enhance. For those who wish to change their look (with no intention of braving a surgeon’s knife), shading and highlighting are the most effective ways to alter your features.

Celebrity make-up artist Ruby Hammer of Ruby & Millie make-up has a few trade secrets to help you make the most (or least) of your features.

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