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Mamawith CCD? My baby boy was born in August -1 didn’t gain too much weight during my pregnancy, but I planned on breastfeeding, which was supposed to help with the weight loss. Unfortunately, my baby doesn’t have a sucking reflex, so breastfeeding didn’t work.

I still have five kilos to lose and, luckily, the August issue had a Fit Mama Special, with tips on how to lose the pregnancy weight! Being a first-time mom, busy with a PhD, leaves little time to read my fave mag, so I only recently read The New OCD in the October issue and I scored 26 on the quiz – red alert! I read my mails while feeding my baby and work as soon as he’s asleep.

I now realise that I’m spending too much time on work, while I should be enjoying my precious newborn. Thanks for sharing real-life stories and helping me make life-changing decisions. – Bianca Peterson, Carletonville Three years ago I lost my mum to cancer. She was my best friend, my confidant and my pillar of strength. I turned to comfort food to help me get over my loss…

I’m now 20kg heavier. Next year I’ll be tying the knot and I desperately need to get in shape. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I bought Women’s Health. The articles are so inspiring and I’m motivated to start my new diet and exercise regime. The best is that the goals are realistic! -Yuvanya Govender, Durban

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