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Why Quit Cold Turkey?
Because tobacco use is an addiction, the best way to “kick” your habit is to quit “cold turkey.” That may sound difficult and cruel, and it may intimidate you, but quitting cold turkey is indeed the best way to quit smoking. In fact, over 90 percent of ali those who successfully become nonsmokers do it cold Best Long Straight Hairstyles.
Why is cold turkey the best way to stop smoking? Smoking is an addiction to the chemical nicotine. As with any addiction, tapering off only keeps the addiction alive. No one who has had experience with alcohol addiction treatment would ever suggest tapering off of booze; each drink only increases the desire or need to continue Best Long Straight Hairstyles. The same is true of smoking; each smoke makes your body crave another. Tapering off only prolongs the agony and strength-ens the Best Long Straight Hairstyles.
Ninety-five percent of ali smokers who successfully quit do so on their own, without nicotine patches, chew-ing gums, or other devices. You can do it, too.

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