Best Lipsticks Summer Spring 2015


1 97 per cent of women aged between 20 and 35 wear lipstick.

2 60 per cent of women own more than ten lipsticks.

3 Kylie Minogue uses Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick.

4 Brooke Shields uses Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm.

Unsightly feathering around the lips is often a hereditary trait, but smoking and exposure to the sun are the two main external factors that are most responsible for exacerbating the problem. Loss of skin firmness, which comes with the depletion of the skin’s elastic collagen and elastin fibres, leads to the formation of characteristic vertical lines around the mouth. These are impossible to camouflage with makeup, and cause lipstick to ‘bleed’, which results in a messy, ungroomed and sadly aged appearance.

‘Permanent pleats are very nice for skirts and trousers, but the last place you want them is around the mouth,’ says Dr Daniel Maes, the vice president of Research and Development for Estee Lauder Worldwide. ‘Unfortunately, however, this particularly vulnerable area loses its ability to resist the signs of stress quite easily, and the vertical lines that form here may be even more pronounced than the lines anywhere else on the face.’

Natural born fillers When it comes to lips, we do not have to age glaringly or indeed, age much at all. Though we cannot hold on to our own collagen and elastin fibres forever, we can re-create the firm and youthful texture that we lose as we get older by ‘filling’ our lips with a variety of treatments. European cosmetic surgeons are at the forefront of‘filler’ technology, with new alternatives being tested almost every month. However, all cosmetic procedures carry an element of risk, so be sure to find a reputable practitioner (recommended by a doctor or someone else who has consulted him or her) before undergoing treatment.

Best Lipsticks Summer Spring 2015

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